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Hard Material for Mechanical Seals
Dec 11, 2018

Hard Material for Mechanical Seals

In some mechanical seals, metal material is often used as sealing surface material because of its good processing performance. In general, alloys are used to make seals, such as nickel alloys (nickel alloy cast iron), cemented carbides (including drills, chromium and Qin alloys), and special steels such as cast iron, die steel and bearing steel, which are not corrosion-resistant, are often used in low-load, oil-based liquids. In Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, there are some examples of using metal as mechanical sealing surface. The moving ring of mechanical seal of CRF circulating water pump is made of seawater resistant cast iron: the static ring of mechanical seal of SRI cooling water pump is made of stainless steel. At present, the main hard ring materials for mechanical seals are cemented carbide (YG6), SiC, aluminium trioxide and so on. There are harder carbide shed materials in marine mechanical seals. Because of its higher hardness and greater processing difficulty, the usage is less.

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