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How to install the sealing gasket
May 15, 2018

How to install the sealing gasket

A, Tools

Calibrated torque wrenches, hydraulic wrenches, or other tightening tools;
Steel wire brush, brass brush better;
Eye protection
Other factory regulations tools.

B,Inspection and cleaning

Remove all foreign substances and debris from the gasket pressing surface, various fasteners (bolts, studs), nuts and washers;
Check the fasteners, nuts, and gaskets for defects such as burrs and cracks.
Check whether there is warpage on the flange surface, whether there is radial scratch, whether there is trace of deep tool collision, or other defects that affect the seating of the gasket.
If you find the original defect, you should replace it in time.

C, Adusting flange:
Make the flange face and bolt hole align;
For any situation that cannot be positive, a report should be submitted in a timely manner.

D,Mounting pad
Confirm that the gasket meets the specified size and specified material;
Check the gaskets to ensure that there are no defects;
Carefully insert the gasket between the two flanges;
Make sure the gasket is centered between the flanges;
Unless it is required to use an adhesive or anti-sticking agent in the gasket installation instructions, it must not be used in private; align the flange surface to ensure that the gasket is not punctured or scratched.
E,Lubrication force surface:
Lubrication force area only allows the use of specified or approved lubricants;
Apply sufficient lubricant to all bearing surfaces of threads, nuts and washers;
Ensure that the lubricant does not contaminate the surface of the flange or gasket.

F,Install and tighten the bolts:
Always use the right tool
Use a calibrated torque wrench, or other tightening tool that can control the function;
Consult the technical department of the sealing manufacturer about the torque requirements and regulations;
Tighten the nuts in accordance with the "cross symmetry principle"

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