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Martensitic stainless steel
Jul 02, 2018

Martensitic stainless steel         

 The microstructure of martensite is normal at room temperature, and the mechanical properties of stainless steel can be adjusted by heat treatment. Generally speaking, it is a kind of hardened stainless steel. The steel numbers of martensitic stainless steel are 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 3Cr13, 4Cr13, 3Cr13Mo, 1Cr17Ni2, 2Cr13Ni2, 9Cr18, 9Cr18MoV and so on.    


Commonly used welding methods            

Welding martensitic stainless steel can be welded by various kinds of arc welding methods. At present, welding rod arc welding is still the main, and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding or argon and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding can greatly reduce the hydrogen content in the weld, thus reducing the sensitivity of the weld cold crack.

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