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Pressure Tank
Dec 24, 2018

Pressure Tank

Pressure tank is used in closed water circulation system, which balances water volume and pressure, avoids frequent opening of safety valve and frequent filling of automatic filling valve. Pressure tanks are sometimes called pressure stabilizing tanks.     

Pressure tank is mainly composed of valve cover, air vent, air bag, carbon steel tank body, etc. When the pressure tank is connected to the water system, it acts as an accumulator. When the water pressure of the system is greater than the nitrogen pressure between the balloons of the carbon steel tank of the expansion tank, the water of the system will be squeezed into the balloon of the expansion tank under the action of the system pressure. First, the nitrogen gas between the balloons will be compressed, so that the volume of the tank will be reduced and the pressure will be increased. In addition, the pressure tank will increase the water holding space of the whole system and reduce the system pressure until the system water pressure and the nitrogen pressure between the tank and the air bag reach a new balance.   

When the water pressure of the system is less than the gas pressure in the expansion tank, the water in the air bag will be extruded under the pressure of nitrogen gas between the tank and the air bag. The water volume of the system will decrease the pressure rise, and the nitrogen gas volume between the tank and the air bag will increase the pressure drop until the two reach a new equilibrium. The water will stop extruding from the air bag back to the system, and the pressure tank will play a role in regulating the pressure wave of the system. The action of movement. The tank body is pre-filled with nitrogen when it leaves the factory. The outer surface of the tank is a baking paint layer. The inlet and outlet are connected to the system. The outlet valve interface can discharge the air overflowing from the system and the air bag in time. The gate valve can also be used to shut down directly to prevent water from overflowing from the top. Under the dust cap, there is an inflatable or vent.    

Generally speaking, pressure tanks are classified as follows:           
Air-filled pressure tank           
The air in the air-filled pressure tank contacts with water directly. After a period of time, the air decreases due to leakage and dissolution in water, which gradually reduces the amount of regulating water. Pump start-up is becoming more and more complex, so regular air supply is needed. The methods of air supplement include air compressor supplement, water jet supplement and periodic air drain supplement.           

Diaphragm Pressure Tank           
Gas and water are separated in the diaphragm pressure tank. Water is inside the rubber bag, and the gap between the outside and the tank is pre-filled with inert gas. Generally, nitrogen can be filled. The pressure tank has no loss of air solubility and water. It can be inflated once and used for a long time without air compressor.


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