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Pump flow and head
Jan 18, 2019

Pump flow and head

For centrifugal pumps, when the type of pump is determined, the power consumption is proportional to the actual flow rate of the pump. The pump flow will decrease with the increase of head, so the higher the head, the smaller the flow and the smaller the power consumption. 

Conversely, the lower the head, the larger the flow, the greater the power consumption. Therefore, in order to prevent motor overload, it is generally required that the actual pumping head of the pump should not be less than 60% of the calibrated head. When the high head is used for pumping with too low head, the motor is easy to overload and heat, and will burn seriously. In emergency use, it is necessary to install a gate valve (or block the small outlet with wood and other materials) on the outlet pipe to reduce the flow and prevent motor overload. Attention should be paid to the temperature rise of the motor. If it is found that the motor is overheated, the outlet flow rate should be reduced or the machine should be shut down in time.

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