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Pump Pressure Vessel
Dec 04, 2018

Pump Pressure Vessel

The Pump Pressure Vessel made of rubber inside the pressure tank is divided into two parts, one side connected to the pipeline, called the water storage chamber. There is air on the other side, called a gas storage chamber.           
The air stored in the air storage chamber is responsible for regulating the internal pressure. By utilizing the characteristic that air can be compressed, the diaphragm can be squeezed by the compressed air pressure, so that the diaphragm can press the water storage chamber in reverse, thus achieving the function of pressurization and drainage.           
Let the pump continuously store water in the tank, the internal air is squeezed, the water storage capacity increases, and the pressure in the tank increases gradually. When the stop pressure of the pump is increased, the pump stops working.           
At this time, the tap opens and gradually discharges the water stored in the tank, and the pressure in the tank decreases gradually. When the starting pressure is reduced to the pump setting, the pump starts to work again, stores water in the tank and circulates in turn.           
Therefore, the pressure tank can make the pump start only when it needs to work, effectively reduce the number of start-up and shut-down of the pump, and prolong the service life of the pump. Frequent and repeated startups exert pressure on starting and running capacitors.           
Frequent and repeated start-up will produce electrical and mechanical stresses on the well pump motor, because it will stop at full speed in an instant.

pump with pressure vessel

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