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Reasons for large axial vibration of motor
Sep 13, 2018

Reasons for large axial vibration of motor

  1. Electromagnetism           

    Power supply: three phase voltage (unbalanced, three phase motor running out of phase)           

    Stator: the iron core becomes elliptical, eccentric, loose, winding broken, ground breakdown, turn-to-turn short circuit, connection error three-phase unbalanced current.           

    Rotor fault: the core is elliptical, eccentric and loose, and the rotor short circuited ring and cage bar are welded and broken. Unbalanced three-phase winding stage of winding rotor, broken winding, grounding breakdown, inter-turn breakdown, wrong wiring, poor brush contact           

  2. Machinery         

    Motor itself: rotor imbalance, shaft bending, slip ring deformation, uneven air gap between stator and rotor, magnetic force center is not consistent. Bearing failure: poor foundation installation. The mechanical strength is not enough. Resonance, foot screw loosening, motor fan damage. When the bearing runs close to the service life, the vibration of the motor increases gradually, and the noise of the bearing runs. The phenomenon of lapping the shaft cover and sweeping the hall may occur.  

    Coupling coordination: coupling damage, poor connection, look for the center is not allowed to load mechanical imbalance system resonance.  


  3. Other reasons          

    The vibration of motor is usually caused by uneven air gap, which leads to unilateral electromagnetic tension, and the air gap is further enlarged. The electromechanical hybrid action is represented by electromechanical vibration.           

    The axial series of the motor, the gravity or installation level of the rotor itself and the electromagnetic pulling force caused by the wrong magnetic force center cause the motor axial series, resulting in increased vibration, serious wear and tear of the bearing bush, so that the temperature of the bearing bush increases rapidly vibration reasons are found.

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