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The auto-coupling of the submersible sewage pump
Mar 02, 2018

The submersible sewage pump is usually equipped with automatic coupling. The outlet of the submersible sewage pump is connected with the coupling interface. Two parallel guide rods are fixed on the coupling base, and the coupling interface can slide freely along the guide rod from the top of the pump pit to the coupling base. When the pump is down to the bottom, the coupling interface is tightly combined with the coupling base and can be completely sealed under the pressure of the pump's own weight. The weight of the whole pump is borne by the coupling base, and the pump body and the pump base are small in contact with the pump pit           

When the pump pit is deep and the lifting height of the crane is only enough to lift the height of the pump, the corresponding auxiliary equipment should be added to meet the requirements of the loading and dismantling. If the short ring chain is reused, and the relay is broken between the short chain chains, it is convenient to lift the hook to the limited height, so that the pump can be installed and overhauled smoothly.


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