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The centrifugal pump's choma maintance
Jan 17, 2018

The centrifugal pump's choma maintance

In the operation of the pump, due to natural wear, solid particles, shaking medium containing impeller causes, the radial clearance of centrifugal pump impeller ring and the sealing ring sealing ring or larger rupture phenomenon, no sealing effect, resulting in a large number of reflux, reduce the actual flow of the pump.           

When the impeller choma is overhauled, the seal ring should be checked first, and then measuring the radial clearance. The measurement of radial clearance is usually measured by vernier caliper or micrometer (preferably with micrometer). The difference between the inner diameter of the sealing ring and the outer diameter of the impeller port ring is the radial clearance (the half of the radius clearance should be taken half). In order to make the measurement accurate, we should measure the average value after several directions, so as to avoid the loss of the ring of the seal ring, which causes the measured data to be large or small.

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