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The seal of the submersible sewage pump
Mar 02, 2018

The seal of a submersible sewage pump is usually sealed with static and dynamic seals. Its dynamic seal, such as the mechanical seal device mentioned above, the material configuration of the mechanical seal friction pair, is generally selected for lubricating oil in the mechanical oil, and it is chosen as tungsten carbide and graphite. It is chosen as tungsten carbide + silicon carbide by lubrication of the conveying medium.            There are 2 kinds of static seal for the submersible sewage pump.           

1) the sealing of metal and metal surface is usually sealed with non gold shock O ring. It has good sealing performance, long life, compact structure and convenient assembly and dismantling.           

2) the outlet seal of the diving cable. The cable line is externally inserted into the sealing ring, the clamping ring and the cable clamp. The pre tightening force is applied to the cable, so that the cable clamp and the inlet sealing ring tightly hold the cable. Through the two layers of seal, the pump will not be able to leak into the motor along the cable wall during the operation. In addition, the sheath of cables is sheathed outside the cable line to ensure that cable is not damaged due to slight negligence during assembly, transportation and use. The above measures effectively eliminate the entry of external water or moist air into the connection cavity and the interior of the motor.

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