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Verticle Sump Pump

Verticle Sump Pump

Type SP/SPR is Sump Pump designed for delivering abrasive, large particle and high density slurries.They have no need of any shaft seal and sealing water. Well operated for insufficient suction duties. Wet parts of type SP pump are made of abrasion resistant hard alloy. All parts of type SPR pump immersed in liquid are lined with special rubber material, which is suitable for non-edge angle abrasive slurries. The depth below the liquid surface of the pumps can be customized.


Verticle sump pump is designed for every other tank, pit or hole-in-the-ground slurry handling situation, which are available in various standard lengths to suit common sump depths, for very deep sumps or where high shaft speeds limit the length of the pump, a suction extension pipe can be fitted to the bottom inlet to extend the depth of the pump by up to 2 metres.

Packing transport services

Considering the order pump size and we could provide case or pallet as per your need to make sure it safe enough during the long distance road and ocean shippig,having own export company and so we could help you find the best ocean shipping solution and service for you from the goods out of factory to your destination.

Installation services

We have rich experience pump installation workers and are very aware of any onside application,we could provide abroad pump installation service ,abroad pump installation is getting more and more popular by our regular clients abroad.

Technical support services

Technical data sheet,performance curve,general arrangement drawing,operating manal will be sent within 24th for your checking.

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Modo Pump has been focused on verticle sump pump manufacturing and selling for many years, which is known as a professional manufacturer and supplier of various quality pumps in China. We have gathered many professional and experienced staff, as well as advanced equipment in our factory. Welcome to buy our verticle sump pump and check the price list with us.
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