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Portable Water Pump

Portable Water Pump

The end suction pump of type MIS is a single stage, single suction (axial suction) centrifugal for pumping clean water and the other liquids physically and chemically similar to the clean water. It is desiged as per the interational standard ISO2858. The temperature of liquid shall not be over 80℃. This pump is suitable for public water supply and drainage duties in industries and land irrigation also in agriculture.


Product description Of Clean Water Pipeline Centrifugal Pump

1. Running smoothly: the absolute concentration of the pump shaft and the excellent dynamic and static balance of the impeller, so it can ensure smooth operation without vibration.

2. No leakage: cemented carbide seal, which ensures that there is no leakage in the transmission of different media.

3. Low noise: the water pump supported by two low noise axes runs smoothly, except for the weak sound of the motor.

4. Low failure rate: the structure is simple and reasonable, and the working time of the whole machine is greatly improved.

5. Convenient maintenance: it is simple and convenient to replace the seal, bearing.

Working conditions

1. Suction pressure ≤1.0MPa, or pump system maximum working pressure ≤1.6MPa, pump suction pressure + pump head ≤1.6MPa, Pump static pressure test pressure: 1.6MPa, Please indicate the working pressure of the system when ordering. If the working pressure of the pump system is more than 1.6MPa, the requirement should be put forward the time of order. We will use the steel material in the important part of the pump.2. Ambient temperature T<40 C,  relative humidity <95%.

3. The volume content of solid particles in the medium ≤ 0.1% of the unit volume, particle <0.2mm.

Note: if there is a medium with fine particles, please explain it at the time of order so that the merchant will adopt a wear-resistant mechanical seal.

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